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charges carparkFurious shoppers have hit out at fees introduced at a town centre car park. Beginning last month, people using the Bay View centre car park in Wales had to pay to use the upper short-stay car park for more than two hours, or the long-stay car park for more than three hours. The Colwyn Bay shoppers say this is a ‘double whammy’ with the parking restrictions that were put in place by the council in February this year, so they may now head out of the town centre.

Access Control UK provide a host of outdoor access control methods to ensure your parking site facilities are problem free, and promote quick and secure throughput. A wide range of access control profiles can be created; and our barriers, gates and shutter doors are operated by a contactless smart card system that permits access to those who are authorised, while barring intruders. The cards are slim, durable and allow access in a quarter of a second because they are not swiped – just presented at the access point.

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