Data control is vital in a good access control system

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Paying careful attention to identity and access management is vital to avoid data exposure or loss, which can irreparably damage a company’s reputation, according to this SearchSecurity article.

The more users which can access a management system, the more complicated it becomes to safely manage the data involved. It is important to not only keep customer and user data secure, but to make sure that access to that data is strictly controlled.

“The fewer people who can access data, the more secure it is. And for those who can access the data, make sure they access only what they absolutely need.”

When this isn’t taken seriously by companies, the chance of a data breach grows steadily larger. It can happen to any company no matter how big or small – most recently the big Reddit breach has grabbed the headlines.


The information available to you in our access control system is strictly controlled with system security permissions, in order to maximise the data security. Users are assigned a role in the system (e.g. admin, supervisor, users) which dictates the menu options they can see, whether they get active access, “view only” access or no access to other employees’ information.

This careful role management means that no employee can see data which is beyond their permissions, and that they can also be limited in the menu actions they can take with the data available to them.

You can also report on anything within the access control system. Reports are based upon an easy wizard design tool, helping you explore a variety of different reporting options. Reports may be printed, saved to a variety of file formats or emailed to recipients. Each report can be fully customised using the ‘Report Designer Module’, which allows you to add your own company logos, fonts and colours, giving your reports a real personalised look.

It is also very difficult to hide any unethical action on the Access Control system, because all user activity is recorded for audit purposes; records are saved to show the information both before and after changes.

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