Dermal fingerprint checking can be retro fitted to existing factory clocking stations

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alleged thief trapped under steamroller dermal fingerprint checking Access Control UK door access system scanner retro-fitted to existing clocking stations office factoryAn alleged thief became trapped under a steamroller he was supposedly trying to steal. The man was wedged under the heavy equipment in East Lothian for an hour-and-a-half on Sunday (December 18). In all, three men have been charged with attempted theft in association with the incident. The other two men, aged 26 and 47, are due to appear in court, with the injured man set to join them once he has had treatment.

A biometric scanner adds high security, dermal fingerprint checking to your Access Control UK door access control system. Mounted alongside your clocking station, the T3400 scanner can be installed with a new system or retro-fitted to existing clocking stations at your office or factory. All biometric scanners are supplied complete and are ready to accept power and data connections. Their features include a high quality gloss finish, impact-resistant casing, illumination for accurate finger placement and a compact design. Optional extras are smart card scanning and colour casing options.

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