Desktop biometric fingerprint reader increases office PC security

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police intelligence agencies monitor internet use Access Control UK office PC security devices T4220 plug & play biometric fingerprint reader files secure electromagnetic waves read fingerprint from below skin surface layerPromises of “strict safeguards” have been attached to plans to make it easier for the police and intelligence agencies to monitor e-mails, phone calls and internet use. These proposals have been unveiled this week in the Draft Communications Bill that would update existing procedures for allowing access to ‘vital’ information. The proposed legislation from the government would seek to “maintain the ability” of the authorities “to access vital communications data under strict safeguards to protect the public”.

Access Control UK is a top supplier of up to date office PC security devices. The T4220 is a ‘plug & play’ biometric fingerprint reader that gives ultimate access control to your PC, ensuring that your files remain secure. This device is powered by state-of-the-art biometric technology that uses electromagnetic waves to read the fingerprint from below the skin’s surface layer. The T4220 plugs into the USB port of your PC or laptop. Its small, lightweight design is perfect for saving space on your desktop, while increasing your PC security.

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