Document scanning means only properly qualified contractors allowed on site

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sentence suspended Crown Court bogus falsified documents scanning verification Access Control UK Visitor Management System scanned digital copies identification licenses proof due diligence proceduresA man was given an eight-month sentence, suspended for a year, at Cambridge Crown Court on Monday last week in connection with two bogus charity shops he ran. Detective Constable Mark Yendley said of John Whitcombe, who had falsified documents: “He lied so he could benefit from reduced business rates then, when he failed to pay those rates, produced a fake character reference from the chief constable in a bid to fob off the council debt collectors.”

Document scanning and verification is an integral part of an Access Control UK Visitor Management System (VMS). The document scanning facility within VMS allows your organisation to make scanned digital copies of special identification documents, accreditations, licenses or insurance documentation provided by the visitor or contractor. Once recorded onto the system, these documents can be retrieved, viewed or recreated and printed on demand. It will provide proof that the proper due diligence procedures have been followed and that only properly qualified people are allowed on site.

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