Door control system shows when and where movement has taken place to trigger alarms

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police evidence Access Control UK door control Movement Monitoring passive infrared sensors register of date and time stamped movement transactions trigger alarm Automatic Number Plate recognition Digital CCTVNew head-mounted digital gear is being trialled by police. No, not for officers, but for ‘Rover’. A dog support squad will carry cameras strapped to the animals’ heads to gather evidence. Police remarked advances in technology mean the signal is strong and the picture is clear and crisp. One officer said: “It will also be extremely useful when searching difficult or inaccessible areas for missing people, because a dog can make its way through dense woodland and undergrowth very quickly.”

Access Control UK offers door control plus Movement Monitoring for detecting entry. The system uses passive infrared sensors (PIR’s) and the WinACnet software to create a register of date and time stamped movement transactions recorded by the PC. This feature shows when and where movement in an area has taken place, and can trigger the alarm if required. Installing a T3512 door access system is a platform and route for installing other products such as Automatic Number Plate recognition and Digital CCTV.

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