Door entry scanners can be wired directly into company fire alarm system

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Arsonists Firefighters Fire safety employees door scanners security network Access Control UK link to either a fire or burglar alarm volt-free input quick and safe evacuation of personnelArsonists have been blamed for two separate incidents of fire at the beginning of the week. Firefighters at West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service on Monday had to attend in the afternoon multiple fires raging in some men’s public toilets. The fires were out on arrival of a crew from nearby Shoreham. That evening in Lancing there was a fire in a litter bin to the rear of a block of flats. One crew from Lancing was in attendance.

Fire safety for employees is assured thanks to door scanners installed in a  security network by Access Control UK. Each Scanner Controller can support up to two access control points. Each access control point has various connections available including a link to either a fire or burglar alarm. The T3510 scanner has a volt-free input that can be wired directly into your fire alarm system. When the alarm is activated, all doors immediately open for a quick and safe evacuation of personnel.

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