Easily control access for up to 372 different areas of a site

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G4S security staffing Olympic Security Board management fee Access Control UK door entry system clocking stations scanner controllers control access to areas of site limitedG4S has accepted responsibility for inadequately fulfilling its Olympic security contract and apologised for this failure. The under-fire firm was responding to the report compiled by Keith Vaz and his fellow MPs on the Olympic staffing scandal. The data the company provided to the Olympic Security Board was, according to Vaz, “at best unreliable and, at worst, downright misleading.” He continued: “The taxpayer must not pay for G4S’ mistakes,” while urging G4S should forego its £57 million management fee.

Avoid a security mess of Olympic proportions by installing an Access Control UK door entry system. Your Access system can operate up to 31 clocking stations, each of which can have up to 12 scanner controllers attached to it – in effect, the system can control access to 372 different areas of your site. Door access can be limited by the access control software, which controls the access profile of each employee who is enrolled on the system via their fire roll call status.

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