Employees use contactless smart cards to record their presence at fire assembly point

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Access Control contactless smart cards Fire Roll Call Software fires in a suburb of AberdeenThe current warm, dry spell is causing a lot of fires to break out and spread. Police are currently trying to trace two youths following a spate of fires in a suburb of Aberdeen. Two cars and a shed were damaged and attempts were also made to set fire to a bus, although the driver of the vehicle prevented this incident occurring.

Access Control UK’s security products are designed with employee health and safety in mind as well as security. The PC based access networks can be integrated with fire roll call software that will automatically generate a report in the event of a fire or other emergency. This is a must-have addition for any safety-conscious employer. As employees assemble at their fire roll call points, they use their smart cards which they use to gain entry to record their presence. If employees have not brought their cards (or key fobs) with them, they can be checked off manually using the generated reports.

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