Entry unit compares an individual’s security profile with that of the access point

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gang robbery flower shop business Access Control UK door entry systems visitor monitoring technology multi-site network of control points access point security profile attempted accessA shop owner was confronted by a gang brandishing guns and a knife. The robbery took place at a north-western flower shop, where one of the men was killed by pensioner owner Cecil Coley. Thirty-year-old Gary Mullings was fatally stabbed in the incident in Old Trafford. Mr Coley was arrested on suspicion of his murder, but the Crown Prosecution Service ruled he acted in self-defence. The rest of the gang have been jailed.

Security is a concern at all sizes of business, large or small. Access Control UK can supply door entry systems and visitor monitoring technology, from the control of a single internal door through to a fully computerised, multi-site network of control points. When a person attempts to pass through an access point, the T32xx access control unit compares the individual’s security profile with that of the access point. Security profiles are based upon the day, time of day, and the security threat level of the attempted access.

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