Expandable modular security system for single buildings features magnetic door release

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rob fuel station premises Access Control expandable modular security system single buildings WinACnet magnetic door releaseAn armed man wearing a balaclava tried to rob a shop at the weekend but was foiled. He attempted to raid a fuel station on the Scottish borders and to steal cash from the register. He could not open it so left the premises with nothing. A police spokesman commented: "Thankfully the member of staff who was in the shop managed to avoid any confrontation with the suspect, who was unsuccessful in his attempt to open the till.”

Access Control UK offers an expandable, upgradeable modular security system for single buildings, all the way up to multiple sites. The basic system starts with comprising a T3511 controller, WinACnet PC software, magnetic door release, push button, break glass and 10 Smart Cards. It contains everything your premises needs to get started – all at an incredibly low price of just £495 for the whole system. The T3512 system includes a one-off T3511 Door Access Controller and can be linked to up to 128 other T3511’s.

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