Exterior access control scanner has similar dimensions to a light switch

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metals aluminium copper thieves Home Secretary Access Control UK T1481 exterior locations building security network smart card consistent read range barriers turnstilesNon-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper are becoming increasing targets for thieves, which is why new laws have been put in place to fight metal thefts. Home Secretary Theresa May announced the changes in January, saying cash payments for metal at scrap yards had resulted in “anonymous, low-risk transactions” for thieves and led to “poor record keeping” within the trade. The metal recycling industry employs almost 8,000 people in the UK and is worth about £5.6 billion a year.

Access Control UK offers a T1481 access control scanner for exterior locations to supplement any building security network. The T1481 uses RF (radio frequency) technology to read your smart card and grant access. Unaffected by most external conditions, this type of access control scanner is durable, resilient and provides a consistent read range. It has similar dimensions to a standard light switch and a compact design. Access Control UK access control scanners can also be mounted next to barriers or turnstiles.

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