Facial recognition access system equipped with advanced digital signal processing technology

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Burglars modus operandi stealing farms thieving Access Control UK facial recognition system user authentication application near-infrared superior accuracy reliability digital signal processing DSP technologyBurglars have given candid interviews about their ‘modus operandi’ for stealing from farms. One burglar interviewed for the study – which is funded by NFU Mutual – said: “If the farmer thinks we’re helping out, we’ll come back. He’ll get to trust us, while all the time we’re looking around to see what’s there.” Some of the criminals added that they use crop picking work from August to October as a cover for their thieving activities.

Access Control UK offers a facial recognition system for the ultimate in Access Control and user authentication applications. Powered by proprietary system design, the proven near-infrared facial recognition technologies provide superior accuracy and reliability over other facial recognition systems. Equipped with the most advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology, it requires no external computer to operate. Near-infrared-based facial recognition technology reduces the interference emitted from an object or the background that may affect recognition accuracy. It also provides superior performance and accuracy over colour-based facial recognition.

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