Facial recognition application has imposter alarm capability

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stolen Thieves broke into Facial Recognition system Access Control UK user authentication applications accuracy Web-based browser FireFox Chrome imposter alarmA memorial fund to a teenager was stolen from a youth club. More than £600 raised through sales of wrist bands and donations was taken from the youth centre in the west country. Thieves broke into the safe containing the money raised along with funds owned by the club and all its contents had been taken. Arran Bees, manager of the youth club, said: “We’ll be strong and together we’ll work out a way of raising the money back.”

Use a Facial Recognition system from Access Control UK for the ultimate in Access Control and user authentication applications. It requires no external computer to operate. It also provides superior performance and accuracy over colour-based facial recognition. Web-based system administration users can access the Web-based system administration program from any Web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Apple Safari) to perform system administration and user management. It accurately records up to 50,000 system events and can take snapshots if required, with imposter alarm capability.

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