Facial recognition system to shut out intruders needs no external computer to operate

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Place Hackers intruders security Facial recognition Access Control UK attempting to break into business user authentication applications proven near-infrared technologies requires no external computer smart card building access systemA group that calls itself Place Hackers are the latest intruders to break into western Europe’s tallest building. The organisation allegedly did this in December, after the group evaded security guards to mount a crane perched on top of the Shard which is situated in the middle of London. Before that, in February 2011 a fox was discovered living on the 72nd storey, living on scraps of food left by builders. The animal was dubbed as a “resourceful little chap.”

Facial recognition is the latest security feature from Access Control UK in defying intruders attempting to break into your business. The facial recognition system is the ultimate in user authentication applications. Powered by proprietary system design and proven near-infrared facial recognition technologies, it provides superior accuracy and reliability over other facial recognition systems. Equipped with the most advanced DSP technology, it requires no external computer to operate. The near-infrared-based facial recognition technology can be added to your smart card building access system.

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