Facial recognition technologies set for strong growth in the access control sector

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Access control systems that employ facial recognition technologies for authentication will become increasingly popular on the future, security and technology experts believe.

While access control cards have been in use for decades, they are increasingly becoming inadequate for the evolving security landscape. One progressive technology that is filling this gap is biometrics-based access control, with facial recognition access being among the top emerging technologies in this sector.

Facial recognition uses data such as 3D shape, skin texture analysis, vascular and heat pattern to uniquely identify users. The system maps out facial features by analyzing unique characteristics such as shape, size, or relative position of the eyes, jaw, and cheekbones. The resulting data is then converted into a template and compared with a database of known faces to find a match. In access control applications, only matched users will be granted access into the building. Security alerts can be triggered when users who are not authorized attempt to gain access to your facility.

Advances in technology have seen facial recognition take off in the past few years. The facial recognition global market is expected to generate $7 billion in revenue by 2024, a 16.6 percent CAGR from 2019 to 2024. These numbers point to a dominant trend that puts facial recognition at the centre of the future of access control.

 Furthermore, the reality on the ground reflects this trend. Mobile face recognition is used to secure hundreds of millions of smartphones around the world. Cloud-based access control is helping secure buildings across the country, from high-rise apartments to commercial property and industrial facilities. Enterprise providers are finding approaches to balance security with privacy.

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