Full colour site surveillance cameras produce clear pictures in differing light ranges

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private firm will run police station business Digital CCTV security system Access Control UK access control visitor monitoring equipment colour CCD sensors full colour cameras producing clear pictures.In an agreement which is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK, a private firm will run a Lincolnshire police station. The station will be built by the firm G4S and as part of the deal, most of the staff employed by the force would be transferred to the private sector. BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw commented that it was arguably the most radical solution to police forces coping with budget cuts.

As there are more methods available to monitor movement and access within a specific area, has your business tried a Digital CCTV security system from Access Control UK? It works extremely well as a standalone, and can also be fully integrated with any previously installed access control or visitor monitoring equipment. Our models of CCTV camera have colour CCD sensors, so footage will always be recorded in full colour. We also provide cameras with a range of facilities to cater for differing light range or colours, thus always producing clear pictures.

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