Full height turnstiles provide absolute entrance security in unguarded locations

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destruction of parking meters Lewes council Sussex Police Access Control UK prevent vandals or criminals gaining access premises car park depot restricted by gates smart card biometric Full height turnstiles absolute entrance or exit security The authorities have offered a £1,250 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction over the destruction of parking meters. East Sussex council, Lewes council and Sussex Police have made the offer following the latest events, when six machines were blown up during one weekend in November alone. The fresh wave of incidents began on September 16 when explosives were placed inside a machine. This type of attack has a history at the town of Lewes.

Access Control UK has an array of security systems and devices to prevent vandals or criminals gaining access to your premises. Entry to a car park or depot is restricted by our gates or turnstiles which can integrate with our smart card and/or biometric access control systems. Full height turnstiles are recommended for use when absolute entrance or exit security is required, especially in unguarded locations. They can withstand severe operating conditions, cope with high traffic volumes and operate to strict security standards.

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