Generous revenues can be generated from access control turnstiles

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re-furbished toilets possible closureRelatively new or re-furbished toilets have been identified for possible closure because of a local authority’s need to cut its expenditure. A report to Exeter city council identified some of the toilets for closure because they have been vandalised. These were factors taken into account when drawing up the list, along with the age and condition of the building, the presence of alternative provision and the cost of providing the facility. In some cases this has meant newer toilets made the list.

Access Control UK are leading providers of smart card and biometric systems and software for both large and small companies. Tensor Access is a simple to use, highly secure way of tackling the problem of keeping access to areas or buildings under control, as well as monitoring who is present. Our indoor access control devices include Glass Turnstiles and Half Height Turnstiles. Generous revenues can be generated from the turnstiles to maintain the toilets. Our turnstiles offer improved security and are available in a number of styles to suit your needs.

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