Half height turnstiles ideal for controlling access in customer friendly public toilet environments

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graffiti in a railway toilet Half height turnstiles Access ControlA man in North East England was caught by an undercover officer writing offensive graffiti in a railway toilet. Paul Ramsey, prosecuting at Calderdale Magistrates’ Court, said of the officer: “He sat on a bench watching all men who were going in. A minute later (James) Allen was seen to leave his bike on the platform. The defendant exited two minutes later with what was believed to be a white marker pen in his right jeans pocket.” He was then arrested.

Half height turnstiles from Access Control UK are ideal for controlling access in public toilet environments, such as reception areas, health clubs, stations, and libraries. They are a customer-friendly option as well as a criminal deterrent, and provide an unobtrusive method of controlling flow to certain areas of your premises. Half height turnstiles can be installed for both indoor and outdoor use and are most effective for low security areas. Combined with smart card access control, your system is able to allow or deny access almost immediately.

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