Health and Safety protocols improved with reporting software for prison contractors

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National Offender Management Service jail Access Control UK visitor control system HMP Prison recording photo signatures contractors point of entry premises Health Safety evacuationThe National Offender Management Service (Noms) is rushing to make improvements to a jail given a scathing report. A surprise visit in August by inspectors found serious failings at Lincoln Prison. Chief executive of Noms, Michael Spurr, said: “This is not acceptable and we have taken urgent action to address the chief inspector’s concerns.” He added: “The governor has been replaced and measures are being implemented at pace to improve safety, decency and regime provision across the prison.”

Access Control UK has a proven visitor control system that we have adapted for HMP Prison use. It fulfils many functions, including recording the details, photo and the signatures of visitors and contractors so that this vital data can be stored at the point of entry to your jail premises. Visitor signatures can be used as proof that the contractor has read and understood the site’s Health and Safety policy. Comprehensive reporting software can generate fire evacuation reports for visitors or contractors.

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