Impact resistant automatic bollards limit vehicle access to a specific location

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surgeon condemned cable thieves hit three hospitals Access Control UK exterior and interior security devices prevent thieves accessing premises Automatic bollards limit vehicle accessA surgeon has condemned heartless cable thieves whose actions hit the work of three hospitals. Consultant surgeon Dougie Russell said he could not access the X-rays he needed after hospital computer systems were disabled by an incident in Swansea which necessitated the switch to a back-up system. Dr Russell said it had a “direct effect on NHS services”. For ease of access, hospital X-ray images are now computerised – however when communication lines are hit, broadband speeds are affected.

Access Control UK stocks many exterior and interior security devices that can prevent thieves from accessing your premises. Automatic bollards limit vehicle access to a specific location and can easily be lowered when passage is authorised, typically within two to three seconds. Constructed out of concrete, stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron, the automatic bollards are constructed to completely stop the majority of vehicles. Automatic bollards are highly resistant to impact and atmospheric elements, and are housed inside compartments set into the road surface.

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