Impact resistant outdoor device reads smart cards to grant access to yards

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Operation Journal metal thefts Security devices smart card access control barrier CCTV monitoring depots outdoor use, T1481 Access Control Scanner is cable or Ethernet impact-resistant casingOperation Journal is a successful police clampdown which has meant people have been charged with 70 separate offences over the past month. It is a response to the amount of metal thefts in Fife. Also, many vehicles have been seized because they were in uninsured, in an unsafe and dangerous condition, or carrying an unsafe scrap load. A statement from the Operation Journal team said: “Theft of metal is a growing problem as the value of metal has increased.”

Security devices supplied by Access Control UK include smart card access control, barrier and CCTV monitoring systems for depots, yards and offices. For outdoor use, the T1481 Access Control Scanner is supplied ready to install and can operate across a cable or Ethernet network. These scanners can also be mounted next to your barriers or turnstiles enabling you to quickly set up a security network. Constructed out of impact-resistant casing, the T1481 uses RF (radio frequency) technology to read your smart card and grant access.

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