Low cost business access control scanner delivers clear English spoken alerts

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Business leaders have become partners with police to tackle crimeBusiness leaders have become partners with police to tackle crime, including literally going back to the drawing board. The Midlands scheme began in 2002 and originally saw firms work together to improve security on industrial estates targeted by criminals. They have since extended to advising on how crime can be designed out of business premises when buildings are on the drawing board. It recognises that the average business loses £5,000 a year to crimes including simple thefts through to complicated fraud.

Access Control UK stocks a number of security devices to help businesses thwart thefts. Door or barrier access at our networked access control scanners can be limited depending on the person’s roll call status. Speech output is novel to the T3510 Low Cost 4-Scanner Controller, delivering clear English spoken alerts when pre-defined ‘flagged’ actions take place – for example, when a specific door is opened by a specific individual. The T3510 continuously stores access transactions and alarm events in its non-volatile cyclic buffer memory.

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