Multi CCTV viewing facility makes management of sites efficient

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CCTV network petrol station Defence counsel at Exeter Crown Court Warren Robinson said his client had never intended to harm Devon petrol station cashier Stevie Harper in a robbery attempt. He explained the use of a stone in the crime by David Fairbairn, who was caught on CCTV. “It was not a sophisticated crime,” said Mr Robinson. “He was on CCTV but did not attempt to disguise himself during the robbery. The item he picked up is believed to be a garden decorative stone with a smooth surface, just larger than a hand. “

CCTV cameras can be added to our many smart card and biometric access control systems which control barriers and doors to make up a complete security system. The system, provided by our affiliate CCTV Surveillance Ltd, supports a network of sites, so for example an entire group of service stations could be monitored from one spot. Its site tree facility allows servers and individual cameras to be accessed quickly, and the inclusion of the multi-site viewing facility makes the management of sites more efficient and responses to events even quicker.

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