Multi-Million-Pound IT Company Install Access Control System

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XMA Ltd is a multi-million-pound organisation that delivers IT solutions to a wide range of customers such as the Police, Councils, Schools and many other public sector services. These IT solutions also include hardware, from desktop computers, IPads and laptops, to printers, scanners and monitors.  

The XMA HQ is in St Albans, with two other sites based in Nottingham and Glasgow. All three sites either have a Tensor Access Control System installed, or are due to have one installed in the near future. 

The Network & Infrastructure Manager at XMA said, “As we are a forward-thinking company, we wanted to put everything into the Cloud. I gave my vision to the Tensor team, told them I needed global access and they made it all happen”.

Access Control Systems for Businesses

Installing Access Control for your business can have a whole range of different benefits. The biggest benefit of installing an Access Control System is the extremely tight security measures it can bring for your business. 

The type of Access Control System required is dependent on the level of security that a business needs. As mentioned above, XMA Ltd has a combination of Smart Card Access Control and Biometric Access Control installed across their three sites. Ultimately, should a business require a strong level of security, then a Smart Card Access Control System is perfectly suited. However, should an organisation require an extremely strict security measure, then a Biometric Access Control System is the path it should take. 

Smart Card Access Control

A Smart Card Access Control System uses Smart Cards which are scanned by an Access Control Reader. This is an excellent Access Control System as it allows users to allocate authorisation through specific doors or into specific areas of a building depending on the individual’s access rights.

Smart Card Access Control is the perfect Access Control Solution for organisations with a mid-high turnover of staff, such as warehouses, retail and hospitality. This is because each Smart Card can be assigned to a member of staff for the duration of their employment, then handed back in and reassigned to another employee. 

Biometric Access Control

A Biometric Access Control System provides a much tighter level of security for businesses who require it. A Biometric System essentially scans a biometric feature of a person’s body in order to grant or deny them access through a door.

For example, Biometric Access Control can be either Fingerprint Access Control or Facial Recognition Access Control, depending on an organisation’s preference. Both systems provide an unmatched level of business security and ensure that only authorised personnel can gain access to your site. 

Biometric Access Control Systems are more secure and more reliable than a Smart Card access Control System. This is due to guaranteeing the actual individual must be present when access is granted, as biometric features cannot be duplicated or stolen whereas a Smart Card can be both lost and stolen in order to unlawfully gain access through a door. 

Should you require further information regarding any of our Access Control Systems, or if you are interested in booking a Demo, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you.

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