New £36.2 million music events and conference centre to be built in Hull

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A new £36.2 million music events and conference centre is set to be built in Hull, with construction experts at BAM being selected as main contractors, a recent news report has been able to find.

The venue will be located on the site behind Princes Quay shopping centre, with construction set to start in 2016. It will include a 3,500-capacity concert auditorium with flexible facilities to reduce to a 2,500 all-seated event with a 2,000m2 exhibition space.

A revised planning application will be submitted to the council’s Planning Committee on 21 December which will address concerns raised by the committee earlier this week, when its members refused an initial application.

Jason Pink, Construction Director for BAM, said: “BAM’s track record in the city of Hull has been outstanding and our appointment to build this prestigious arena is a testimony to years of successful work in many sectors here.”

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