New defence rehabilitation centre set to be built near Loughborough

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A new Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre is set to built near Loughborough following an investment estimated at around £300m.

The new facility will take over the services currently delivered at Headley Court and will be roughly four times larger than the current site. The Ministry of Defence argued that it will “improve and advance the cutting-edge treatments already available to injured members of the armed forces”.

The Surgeon General, Air Marshal Paul Evans, added: “Thanks to the Duke of Westminster’s initiative and his generosity, and that of other benefactors, a new state-of-the-art medical rehabilitation centre will provide our injured troops with a remarkable place to recover and begin rebuilding their lives.”

Considering the highly sensitive nature of the activity being carried out on the site, the MoD will most certainly make sure that it’s protected using a latest-generation, secure and reliable access control and management system.

The access control system developed by Access Control UK can operate up to 31 clocking stations, each of which can have up to twelve scanner controllers attached to it – in effect, the system can control access to 372 different areas of any given site.

Door access can be limited by the access control software, which controls the access profile of each employee who is enrolled on the system via their fire roll call status.

Both smart card and biometric access control scanners can be combined on the same network, giving you full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time of day. Sensitive or dangerous areas can easily be denied to those who do not have the appropriate security clearance.

The access control system is completely bespoke and can be used to control most standard types of internal and external electro-magnetic door releases. In addition, your system can also control access control turnstiles, barriers and bollards.

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