New HID Global survey provides insights into firms’ attitude towards access control

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HID Global, once of the most important global players in the field of access control, has recently published a very insightful study that tackles various organizations’ perceptions about change and the importance of industry best practices, and how well today’s technology and policy best practices are being implemented.

The survey managed to obtain relevant information regarding just how well organizations can defend against increasingly dangerous and costly security threats, both now and in the future.

Unfortunately, statistical figures reveal that just around 37 percent of the total of 600 respondents carry out annual security assessments, and most users do not contract a third party to test their existing PACS. Furthermore, in excess of 50% of respondents have not upgraded in the last year, and more than 20 percent haven’t upgraded in the last three years.

Furthermore, 75 percent of end-users said cards with cryptography were important and the majority also believes that magstripe and proximity technologies provide adequate security, despite their vulnerability to cloning.

Data obtained from the survey also suggests that 75 percent of respondents state that the highest-security technologies were important or very important, but half said they weren’t implementing them well, or at all.

Plus, over 90 percent felt the most secure policies were important or very important, with only 70 percent felt they were implementing them effectively or very effectively.

Biggest barriers to best-practice implementation were budget-related, and management not seeing value in the investment.

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