Office security system can lock doors automatically on burglar alarms

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Premiership Ronnie Wallwork car parts black market office buildings Access Control UK Smart Card based security system barriers, turnstiles and gates burglar alarmsAn ex-Premiership footballer completed a fall from grace when he was sent to prison this week. While investigating unconnected armed robberies across Lancashire, police discovered Ronnie Wallwork was taking in car parts to be sold onto the black market. The former England under 20 international entered a guilty plea to receiving stolen goods. Judge Simon Newell summed up: “These were high-value items that were stolen. It seems to me they were taken in a professional and sophisticated way.”

To prevent items being stolen at your office buildings or site, Access Control UK can provide a Smart Card based security system that also operates barriers, turnstiles and gates. Access Enterprise can operate a maximum of 372 scanners and record an unlimited number of employee details. Email warnings and alerts come as standard. Access Control Profiles are easily created or customised to suit your particular site, and can be varied minute-by-minute. Doors may be configured to open automatically on fire alarms and lock automatically on burglar alarms.

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