Outdoor access scanner can operate across a cable or Ethernet network

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Outdoor access control scanner railway theftsBritish Transport Police are dealing with another spate of thefts on railway lines, and believe it could be the work of a small group. Det Insp Andrea Rainey said: “Thieves target the railway in the mistaken belief that they will make easy money from their criminal behaviour as the price of copper has dramatically increased in recent months.” She added: “This couldn’t be further from the truth, the amount stolen by thieves in individual incidents is worth relatively little.”

Access Control UK provides and installs both indoor and outdoor access control solutions for your business with our Access Control scanners, gates, CCTV and barriers. The T1481 Access Control Scanner for outdoor use is supplied ready to install and can operate across a cable or Ethernet network. They can also be mounted next to your barriers or turnstiles enabling you to quickly set up a security network. They have similar dimensions to a standard light switch and use RF (radio frequency) technology to read your smart card and grant access.

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