Outdoor rugged access control scanner can handle the harshest of conditions

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farm vehicles stolen Access Control UK outdoor and indoor security devices trespassing site rugged T3240BK Access Control scanner can handle even the harshest of conditionsPolice are asking for information after farm vehicles were stolen from an equestrian school. Tractors were taken from the riding school in West Lothian at the beginning of the week. Officers believe the equipment was driven through a number of wooden and wire fences, causing significant damage. One of the tractors was recovered in a ditch about a mile from the property. As well as police, the charity Crimestoppers can be called in complete anonymity on 0800 555 111.

Access Control UK has a range of outdoor and indoor security devices preventing people trespassing onto your site. New is the rugged T3240BK (similar to the outdoor Access Control scanner pictured) which can handle even the harshest of conditions, providing excellent reliability through rain, storms and heavy use. This makes it ideal for outdoor conditions and you can be rest assured that our standards of manufacture will not let you down. The T3240BK combines all of the features of the usual indoor T32xx scanner.

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