Personalised access control smart card with photograph and company logo available

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copper stolenGangs appear to be cashing in on international demand for metal, with rising prices creating a black market for plundered copper cable. Ian Hetherington, of the British Metal Recycling Association, said: "As values have increased, there is now more involvement from organised criminals who are capable of directly shipping containers primarily of copper – because that is where the value will sit – from any number of ports round the UK.” He added that large volumes are going to places like China.

Your smart card access control system from Access Control UK can also be operated by proximity key fobs or smart cards, which can be used on the same scanners. All cards can be customised to fit in with your corporate identity. Dye sublimation printers are used to print high quality images onto adhesive labels for sticking onto your smart cards. This means that each employee at your organisation can have a personalised smart card complete with photograph and company logo. It is also possible to outsource your smart card production.

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