Police force launches fresh campaign to bolster building site security

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A police force has launched a new campaign aimed at deterring building site burglars by marking valuable tools and plant kit in a manner that will make them impossible to sell on, a recent news report has revealed.

York Police officers have attended property marking sessions at several local sites and are now inviting firms in York to get in touch so their equipment can also be security marked and registered.

Property on the sites has been security marked using dot peen marking, in conjunction with the Hermes recording system to log it on Immobilise, the UK national property register database.

PCSO Chris Shearing, of York Police, said: "Getting your property marked – whether it’s plant kit, power tools, bikes or gadgets – is one of the most effective ways to protect it from criminals.

"The permanent marking will deter thieves, as it makes it far harder to sell on. It will also be much easier for us to return it to its rightful owner if it is lost or stolen, and could provide vital evidence to secure a prosecution.

"Plant kit and power tools on building sites can be worth thousands of pounds, which is why it’s so important to get it security marked and registered. We want the message to go out to would-be burglars that targeting sites in York is simply not worth the risk."

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