Pre booking of legal representatives via prison visitor monitoring

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prisoners serving sentences for assault or robbery were freed by mistake The Prison Service said mistakes, such as more than 60 inmates being wrongly freed from jails in England and Wales last year, were "rare but regrettable". Taking in Scotland, the total rose to 69. The stats also revealed 39 prisoners serving sentences for violence, assault or robbery were freed by mistake since 2007. A spokesman for the Prison Service of England and Wales said: "The number of releases in error remains very small as a percentage of total discharges. This type of error is a rare but regrettable occurrence."

As well our range of top door and barrier security systems, Access Control UK’s visitor monitoring system has been adapted so it is available to the HM Prison Service. Our systems have been successfully installed by our security vetted engineers in a number of institutions within the HM Prison Service. This PC network visitor pass system  means the pre-booking of legal representatives, contractors, and inmate visitors can be entered into the system at any time, and cross-checked when the visitor actually arrives at the prison.

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