Prison card ID entry system data can be stored for future reference

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security lapse prison Camp Hill, Newport HM Prison Service Prison PassOfficials said a security breach in 2010 at a jail now known as HMP Isle of Wight, has since been dealt with. A report by the prison’s Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) said the merger of various prisons had impacted on "every aspect" of the establishment. The Prison Service said matters had been addressed and a spokesperson added: "We thank the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Isle of Wight for their report, which will be fully considered by ministers."

As well as its comprehensive smart card security products for businesses, Access Control UK offers a visitor monitoring ID card regime especially adapted for jails, the HM Prison Pass system, that can track the every movement of visitors. At controlled monitor points, the visitor pass badge is simply swiped and a high quality digital image appears to the HM Prison Service Officers, thus verifying that the correct person is passing through. Data can be stored for future reference or exported to other compatible databases.

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