Prison visitor badge is simply swiped to verify ID

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Wales fled open prisonA criminal is at large after going missing from an open prison in Monmouthshire on Saturday. A burglar convicted at the end of last year, Lee David Pearson absconded from HMP Prescoed in Wales. Gwent Police have advised the public not to approach him. The latest incident involving a prisoner from Prescoed follows a convicted murderer absconding last month before he was recaptured two days later.

Due to the increasing demand for bundled ID card systems, Access Control UK have put together an option for the prison service. Details such as a digital photograph are printed onto an ID card for prison visitors. At control points operated by an HM Prison Service officer, the visitor’s ID badge is simply swiped, and a high quality digital photograph of the visitor appears on-screen, allowing instant verification of identity. Accurate records of any visitors to the prison are stored within the monitoring software. Our systems have been successfully installed by our security vetted engineers in a number of institutions within the HM Prison Service.

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