Put up bollard system to foil ram-raiding

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Scot store rams Lanark robberyEffective measures can be implemented by businesses to combat the practice known as ‘ram-raiding’. Many companies in the last 30 years have come up with solutions to this craze which has evolved during that time – it entails smashing a car directly into a store front in order to steal its contents. Everything from electronic bollards to electronic barriers have been employed, because enlisting a team of security guards is prohibitively expensive and out of range for small-scale operations.

The news items in papers or on television every month reveal details of another ramming episode, but putting up a bollard system would stop a vehicle. These barriers are available from Access Control UK. Being a member of the Tensor group of security companies, you can rely on us.

Static bollards provide a genuine deterrent and are ideal for applications where a permanent pattern of control is required. Suitable in either a ground or surface mount, static bollards are highly flexible in most situations and are ideal for segregating certain areas of your site. Choosing the construction option of cast iron means you have the gone for strength over cosmetic appearance for protection when being accidentally or on purpose hit by vehicles.

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