Remote monitoring via modem means a depot can be unmanned but secure

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copper cable theft British Telecom single-door global business security network Access Control site or depot CCTV monitoring barrier technologyAn unconfirmed number of homes have been affected by a latest round of copper cable theft. Homes in the West Country have had their phones cut off when thieves stole a section of the cable. A spokesperson from British Telecom said a section between Taunton and Yeovil was damaged when people cut through a fibre cable and a smaller copper cable. It required two days of repair from a team of engineers to rectify the problem.

From single-door to a global business security network, Access Control UK has a system that has everything you need for securing your site or depot. CCTV monitoring and barrier technology is available to be grafted onto your system for remote locations. The latest .NET PC based Access Control multi-lingual software enables the easy setup of badge holders and security patterns. It issues Email warnings and alerts as well as speech output announcing flagged arrivals and security breaches. Remote monitoring via modem means the site can be unmanned but secure.

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