Seamless corporate metal fencing helps reduce crime and vandalism

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Police swoop dealers’ yards stolen scrap Access Control UK complete metal fencing solutions devices for securing outdoor locations powder-coated finish corporate identity insurance reducing crime and vandalismPolice this week swooped on various dealers’ yards and their haul included a large dragon the size of a horse stolen from Teddington valued at £3,200 plus VAT. The bronze Chinese statue weighing more than a tonne, which was stolen from a residential back garden, is one victim of many crimes motivated by the strong price of scrap. The distinctive item was set in concrete and one of a pair, was also traced to a couple who had reported it stolen.

Access Control UK includes complete metal fencing solutions among our devices for securing outdoor locations. Available in a powder-coated finish of your choice to match your corporate identity, or to simply and seamlessly blend in with your environment, all our supplied metal fencing comes complete with fittings. Increasingly seen by owner and insurance company alike as a high quality cost effective solution to obtain a secure perimeter, the palisade metal fencing has a proven record in reducing crime and vandalism.

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