Secure a large outdoor area using metal fencing with pre-welded panels

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Police suspicious activity livestock thefts stolen Crimestoppers Access Control UK securing large outdoor area metal fencing security steel pre-welded panels internal connectors vandalproofPolice have asked farmers, ramblers and those using the countryside to be “vigilant” for suspicious activity after many livestock thefts. Officers are looking into claims that more than 100 sheep have been taken over a five-month period from fields at one estate alone in Aberdeenshire. In three earlier separate incidents, more than 40 ewes and 80 lambs were stolen in the course of a fortnight. Those with information are urged to call police or the confidential Crimestoppers line.

Access Control UK help solve the problem of securing a large outdoor area with complete metal fencing solutions that offer the security of modern steel, together with the looks of traditional iron railings. The pre-welded panels with internal connectors make the metal fencing as vandalproof as possible. All supplied metal fencing comes complete with fittings, and can be installed by Access Control UK’s trained technicians on your site. The seamless design has no visible joins and is available in a range of colours.

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