Secure door access allows maximum flow capacity across a site

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National Farmers’ Union on crimeThe National Farmers’ Union has called on all farmers to make full use of existing liaison procedures with the police authorities as a means of tackling the increasing trend of thefts from farm sites. Both the NFU and the FUW unions urge landowners to take advantage of these services and see if their security arrangements are up to scratch. According to the insurers NFU Mutual, crime is costing £42.2 million to the industry, three times more than the previous year.

Your company can ensure its security arrangements are up to standard with a smart card door security system from Access Control UK. For example, the door access system can be set up to issue an alert for when certain actions occur – like a specific door being opened by a specific individual. The network can control doors, or almost all other gates and barrier entry points, denying entry to those without access. Access Control UK can provide you with a system that allows rapid communication enabling maximum flow capacity across multiple areas of your site.

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