Secure network-based advance booking of visitors to company premises

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thief G4S security guard steal Olympic Access Control UK company Access Control Visitor Management Systems advance booking of contractors instant retrieval of documentation check ID ReceptionA thief passed himself off as a G4S security guard to steal £14,000 under the noses of a retail firm. G4S, the company in the middle of the Olympic security controversy, is who Poundland use for their cash collection. The thief struck at the same time a cash security van which collects the takings from the shop was parked outside. G4S have recently been advertising jobs for ‘civilian investigators’ to help with reduced police numbers in some parts of the country.

Access Control UK will ensure your company does not get fooled by anyone pretending to be a member of staff, while granting entry to a certified visitor. As well as our secure smart card door Access Control networks, we provide Visitor Management Systems. User friendly with Windows style software, it allows network based advance booking and pre-booking of visitors or contractors. It can offer instant scanning, storage and retrieval of crucial documentation, licences or insurance certificates to check ID at Reception.

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