Site access control scanning performed in under half a second

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Increased thefts from church roofs of lead Contactless smart cards access controlIncreased thefts from church roofs of lead and other metals are “vexatious, morale sapping and costly" according to church leaders. In one diocese alone during 2007/8 more than 150 insurance claims were lodged and £550,000 paid out. A spokesman for the Church of England said: “Church of England congregations are custodians of many of the most significant buildings in the communities they serve,” adding: "Any repair is vexatious, time consuming, morale sapping and costly."
A way of avoiding insurance claims for theft at your business premises is to install an Access Control UK system. Contactless smart cards are used to operate your access control system. They operate using well-proven and reliable Radio Frequency technology, which gives a constant read range and is unaffected by most external conditions. When placed within range of your access control scanner, the smart card will be read in under ½ second, even if that card is covered in oil. The system can be configured with a range of devices to suit your site’s needs.

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