Site Security Starts at the Door

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Making sure that their site is secure, only accessible to authorized members of staff and/or visitors, as well as monitoring entry points at all times is one of the most important tasks for any modern site/facility manager.

And according to experts, security usually starts at the door – meaning that integrating the latest generation of commercial electronic locksets, closers, hinge hardware and alarms with a central control system is one of the first steps to be considered.

The levels of access to facilities is a vital issue to consider when designing an access control / door control system. Authorized personnel need access and, in emergency situations, rapid and safe egress, while unauthorized personnel have to be kept out. Firefighters and other emergency personnel need ease of entry to locate and evacuate people rapidly.

One of the most popular solutions of choice for FM and security managers is the deployment of card and PIN lock systems, and they are rearranging traffic flows to channel visitor traffic at elevator lobbies toward properly staffed, secure reception areas. Only authorized personnel should be able to enter the main building through locked lobby doors. Other upgrades in terms of access credentials include the installation of biometric fingerprint readers, facial-recognition systems, and floor-to-ceiling locked turnstiles.

They also can upgrade unguarded remote entry points from mechanical locks and keys to systems that incorporate CCTV and sound. A security guard at a remote point directs the person seeking entry to place his or her badge in front of the camera, verifies the person has the proper clearance and is the same person as shown on the picture badge, and remotely actuates the lock allowing entry.

In an emergency requiring rapid evacuation of the building, all evacuation route doors are remotely unlocked immediately and simultaneously from a central control.

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Access Control UK employs a variety of access control technologies in order to create advanced solutions, enable users to exert solid, reliable and accurate control over the access to specific premises or zones.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of solutions supplied by Access Control UK, both in terms of hardware (smart card readers, biometric readers, turnstiles, etc.) and software (access rights management software solutions, etc.), just contact us, we’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.

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