Smart card and fingerprint recognition systems ring right notes

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glastonbury music gigCrime rates went down at the Glastonbury Festival for the second year in a row. There were a total of 393 reported crimes at the music experience compared to 445 last year. Of these, 230 were thefts from tents at the west country venue. Avon and Somerset police said these were low figures considering there were more than 170,000 people at the Pilton site. Superintendent Ian Smith, who led the police operation, said: "We’re pleased that once again crime has remained low at the Glastonbury Festival. Our policing approach to the festival is a community approach. Feedback from festival-goers has been really positive."

An Access Control UK system using smart card readers could ring a top note at music events. Our smart card readers are superior and faster than equivalent swipe card technology. Gig-goers’ throughput data can also be recorded for the venue so that overcrowding and flow issues can be managed. For high security areas like backstage, fingerprint recognition systems are also available to compliment the smart cards, providing a two-fold identification process for added piece of mind. These provide irrefutable identification of a person’s identity.

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