Smart card door access network fights business crime

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business related crimeA national organisation has called for more measures to tackle business-related crime. “The true extent of business crime is not reflected in official figures as many firms have effectively opted out of the criminal justice system,” said Federation of Small Businesses spokesman Russell Lawson, continuing: “Businesses also state that one of the barriers to reporting crime is that the process is too time consuming. There is a perception among business owners that the UK is experiencing a crime epidemic and that no one cares.”

An effective measure in fighting crime which hits business is an Access Control UK smart card door access network. This will control your entry locks, car park barriers, turnstiles, site entrance gates, or almost any other mechanism that provides physical security. Unlike swipe systems the badge is automatically read as soon as you present it. It reads in a quarter of a second, a time which is so hard to beat in the industry. A wide range of access control profiles can be created, and these profiles can vary their settings minute by minute.

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