Sophisticated software detects forced entries at a site

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policing cost clearing travellers’ site Dale Farm Department for Communities and Local Government sophisticated software for monitoring access patterns alarm status detecting forced entries Access Lite The Home Office had pledged to pay up to £4.65 million, or half of the policing cost, of clearing a notorious travellers’ site. The Department for Communities and Local Government had also weighed in with £1.2 million towards evicting illegal incumbents at Dale Farm, near Basildon. The remaining contribution will come from policing and council budgets. The total forecast for the operation spiralled up to about £18 million but local sources suggested the final cost would be £4.2m.

If your organisation is seeking improved protection for your site then Access Control UK is at the forefront of secure, reliable access control systems. Access Lite is our entry-level access control system, and costs only around £1,250 plus VAT. It includes sophisticated software for monitoring access patterns, alarm status, and detecting forced entries. It comprises: Access Lite software installation CD, 50 Smart Cards, an extensive User Manual, Serial Cable for communications to PC and 30 days of free helpdesk support from date of purchase.

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