Stand alone depot access system programmed with three master cards to add or delete users

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stolen cabling utility company Smart Card Access Control Master Card security depotVolunteers from the British Red Cross were helping a utility company’s customer relations department to help give practical support to customers without power. The power cut was due to stolen cabling occurring at some time last Saturday, August 27. “Late yesterday afternoon, customers started calling in to report fluctuating levels of volts affecting household appliances,” said UK Power Networks at the weekend. “UK Power Networks will press for the prosecution of anyone caught tampering with its network.”

The T3512 one-door Access Control system from Access Control UK is the smartest way to increase security simply at your depot. The T3512 can be installed without a PC connection. Here, it is easily installed and set up using a Master Card to add or delete users. While the T3511 controller performs best when connected to a PC, using it in stand-alone mode means it can function in the simplest of environments, with minimal fuss. The T3511 is programmed with up to three Master Cards using feedback LED’s and switches.

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