Surveillance camera tracking can be added to access control system

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CCTV market will recover A bright future is predicted for surveillance camera systems according to an expert analyst. The latest report entitled ‘Closed Circuit Television’ asserts that the CCTV market will recover just as the economy recovers. “Key Note expects the market to demonstrate the most positive growth in 2012 and 2013,” says a market intelligence provider, continuing: “Assuming that the majority of consumers and businesses have recovered from the recession and are in a better financial position to upgrade and install surveillance systems.”

The advantage of Access Control UK .NET systems is they are so modular and versatile, so that additional security devices can be added. From one access control point to a multi-site network of scanners and clocks, your access control system is able to efficiently expand as your needs change. Suitable for any organisation, the Lite / Enterprise range is capable of controlling a network across borders and even continents. It allows integration with other systems, for example tracking via surveillance cameras, or two-factor authentication through fingerprint biometrics.

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